ShineForce – Car Scratch Remover Kit for Paint Repair & Scuff Remover, Car Scratch Removal Cloth





Car Scratch Removal Cloth  with Magic Nano Technology to Fix and Eliminate Minor Car Scratches and Light Paint Scratches

Introducing a New Revolutionary Scratch Remover Cloth to REMOVE those pesky car paint surface scratches and scuffs where other products have failed.

Easy to use, no sweat, no mess, dust or liquid in bottles to store and worry about. Remove scratches on the car paint, as well as the serious pollution of tree stick, gelatin, bird droppings, etc., effectively mitigate the oxidation of the paint, whitening, fading and other oxidation, it can polish ,repair, glazing protect to your car.

Will even remove some of those deeper paint scratches with a little more patience.


Many cloths on the market today are small, thin, single use, soaked with chemical agents that have a high odor, are not pleasant to use and do not work well, but ShineForce offers a thick microfiber cloth saturated with patented NANO technology, Solvent and Emulsifier that:

✔ Removes top layer grime and oxidation

✔ Nano molecules slightly dissolve and re-organizes the paint

✔ Removes and seals scratches

✔ Leaves a protective layer, original paint look with a smooth clear finish

✔ Pleasant to use, no bad odors, use it over and over and get results every time!

✔ Easy to use, NO muscle power needed, no liquid wax or compound paste messes

✔ Compact with a lot of power, keep it in your glove compartment

✔ Multipurpose use


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